Quick Word

Quick Word is a light and compact word processing app for Mac with all the essential and practical functions. Quick Word can process your daily documents successfully.


Basic & Brilliant Functions

With basic processing functions like fonts and color, Quick Word allows you to create and edit files as you need.

Precise Content-locating

Just one click on "Find" tab, you can accurately locate the anything in the file. Replace, Replace/Find, Find the next/previous and Replace/Select, all can be finished in one dialogue box.

Make the Text Audible

Make your files speak for themselves by simple steps: select the contents, right click and choose the "start speaking" under the "Speech" tab.

Easy to Insert Pictures

Select "Picture" tab, and you can conveniently insert pictures from your computer.

Detailed File Description

"Properties" button allow you to input detailed copyright and content information.

Various Formats Supporting

Save your files as you need: Word, Frontpage, Open Document, Rich Text with Graphics Document, Rich Text Format, Web Archive, Text Document, Open Document, etc.